The most effective way to get the most out of your marketing is too follow the 5 key steps.

  1. Understand how you are trying to reach when marketing to your customers.
    Where are these customers? are you looking for graduates, 18-30’s, or are you targeting new mums? these are all the questions to ask yourself when understanding your customer base.
  2. What are your goals of marketing? it is to get more sales? is to get more email addresses? or is it to advertise a new company and you want people to remember the name of your brand?
  3. Create Quality content. Make sure your images are of high quality, good audio as a basic. Then think about how you can get across to your audience and make your brand stick in their mind.
  4. Create a social media account. By creating a social account you are increasing your chances of sales by 100%.
  5. Track and measure all marketing. To find the most successful way of your different marketing techniques track and measure them. This may be asking on a survey how did you hear about us today? or by checking analytics and compare each one and add it to a database for a month and see which performs best.